Official Travel and Lodging Guide Fairfield County, Ohio: Lancaster-Pickerington

Greenfield Lake Fairfield County Ohio
Greenfield Lake, Wildlife Area, Fairfield County, Ohio


City Parks, Nature Preserves, Metro Parks, Historic Parks, Wildlife Areas

Parks and Recreation in all varieties and for all interests can be found in Fairfield County, Ohio.

Our parks systems include Nature Preserves, Metro Parks, City Parks in both Lancaster and Pickerington, Historical Parks and Wildlife Areas.

Activities available in these parks range from maple tapping to swimming, a frisbee course to soccer fields with lots of picnic and relaxation areas.

The historic parks preserve our history as well as being an educational tool.

Rising Park in Lancaster, Ohio
Rising Park home to Mt. Pleasant, Lancster, Ohio

Chestnut Ridge Metro Park
Chestnut RIdge Metro Park

Flight of the Hawk Sculpture Historic Park
One of Fairfield County's Historic Parks

Nature Preserves blackhand sandstone
Blackhand Sandstone in Fairfield County Nature Preserves