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Covered Bridges in Fairfield County, Ohio

George Hutchins Covered Bridge in snow at Alley Park, Lancaster, Ohio
Bike riders at Johnston Covered Bridge Fairfield County Ohio

Ohio is second only to Pennsylvania for the state having the largest number of original covered bridges. Fairfield County, Ohio has the most in the state. The majority of Fairfield County’s covered bridges were built ca 1871-1906. Original construction began in 1849.

The wooden bridges all have an underlying truss system which basically uses interlocking triangles of timber to support heavy loads across the span. Truss types that can be seen in Fairfield County include kingpost, multiple kingpost, queenpost, multiple queenpost, Howe and arches.

Covered Bridges of Fairfield County Ohio Map

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Stemen House/Estates

Stemen House/Estates Covered Bridge, Violet Twp.

Stemen House/Estates Covered BridgeStemen House/Estates Covered Bridge, Violet Twp, Fairfield County, OH

Now at 11892 Woodbridge Lane, Baltimore, OH 43105.

Estate CB (formerly the Stemen House Covered Bridge) was built in 1888 and moved in 1978 to Covered Bridge Estates. It was originally over Sycamore Creek. Now 36 feet long.

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart

Charles Holiday


Charles Holliday Covered Bridge, Millersport, OH

Charles Holliday Covered Bridge, Millersport, OhiOriginally at Walnut Creek on Lake Road. Now at Millersport Lions Club Grounds, 2900 Chatauqua Blvd., Millersport, OH 43046.

The Charles Holliday Covered Bridge was the last one standing in Walnut Township. Built in the late 1890's by J.W. Buchanan, it originally crossed over Walnut Creek on Lake Road. The 98 feet long multiple Kingpost span was reconstructed in the early 1980's at its current location in Millersport on the Millersport Kiwanis Sweet Corn Festival Grounds.

Directions: SE Millersport on the Sweet Corn Festival Grounds, Walnut Twp, section 28 [off Lancaster St, .2 mile south of Rt 204 W, then left .5 mile on Chatauqua Blvd. to Gate 4 and walk .2 mile to right.]

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart

George Hutchins

George Hutchins Covered Bridge

George Hutchins Covered Bridge, Alley Park, Lancaster, OH

George Hutchins Covered Bridge Alley Park, Lancaster, OhioGeorge Hutchins Covered Bridge was orginally at Strickler Road at Clear Creek Crossing now at Alley Park, 2805 Old Logan Rd SE, Lancaster, OH 43130. Access by walking path from parking lot; near Lodge on Lake Loretta.

The George Hutchins Bridge uses multiple Kingpost construction. It was built in 1883. A second bridge was constructed onsite in 1904. This 49 feet span was originally located off Strickler Road and crossed Clear Creek near where Zane's Trace crossed the stream in 1797.

It was reconstructed at Alley Park, south of Lancaster off Rt 33 for the Fairfield County Bicentennial Celebration in 2000.

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart


Hannaway Covered Bridge, Madison Twp, Fairfield County, OH

Hannaway Covered Bridge, Madison Twp., Fairfield County, OH

Hannaway Covered Bridge, Madison Twp.South of Clearport on bypassed section of Clearport Rd (CR24) over Clear Creek, Madison Twp.

Multiple Kingpost construction built circa 1881 to 1901. This 86 feet long bridge spans Clear Creek, just beyond Mt. Carmel Methodist Church on Clearport Road. Unique to this bridge are the canopy windows on the inward side of the curving stream. Now part of the Fairfield County Historical Parks. Directions: Located south of Clearport on bypassed section of Clearport Rd (CR24) over Clear Creek, Madison Twp., section 9 [off Rt 159 .3 mile South of old Rt 22 & east edge of Amanda then east 3.4 mile on Amanda-Clearport Rd (CR69) & south .4 mile on east side]

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart

Hartman II

Hartmann II Covered Bridge, Lockville Park, Carroll, OH

Hartman II Covered Bridge, Lockville Park, Lockville, OhioHartman II Covered Bridge Originally over Raccoon Creek on Wheeling Road, now at Lockville Historical Park at 5859 Pickerington Road NW, Carroll, OH 43112.

The Hartman II Covered Bridge was built in Queenpost style in 1888 with a span of 45 feet. It once spanned Raccoon Creek on Wheeling Road. In 1967, the covered bridge was reconstructed across the canal within Lockville Park. Rare triple locks can be seen at the park maintained by The Fairfield County Historical Parks Commission.

Photo Credit: David Fey


Hizey Covered Bridge, Pickerington, OH

Hizey Covered BridgeHizey Covered Bridge, Pickerington, OH

Formerly over Popular Creek, now at 12549 Tollgate Rd, Pickerington 42147 (Private Property).

The Hizey Covered Bridge was built in 1891. It is 83 feet. Its multiple Queenpost construction has an arch.

Although viewable from the road at 12549 Tollgate Rd. between Refugee and S.R. 204 in NE Pickerington, this covered bridge is located on private property

John Bright II

John Bright II Covered Bridge, Lancaster, OH

John Bright II Covered Bridge, Lancaster, OhioJohn Bright II Covered Bridge, OUL Campus, Lancaster, OH

Now over Fetters Run, Ohio University Lancaster Campus, S.R. 37 North, 1570 Granville Pike, Lancaster, OH 43130.

Here is one of the finest examples of covered bridge preservation. It is the best example of wooden arch construction in the county. Orginally built in 1881 and 75 feet long. Now located on the Lancaster Campus of the Ohio University, it spans Fetters Run.

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart


Johnston Covered Bridge, Madison Twp, Fairfield County, OH

Johnston Covered Bridge, Madison Twp, Fairfield County, OH

Just off Clear Creek Road, south east of the village of Clearport over Clear Creek, Madison Twp., Fairfield County, OH.

The Johnston Covered Bridge built in 1887 is of Howe truss style construction. Vertical metal rods were incorporated into the construction so bridge tension could be maintained. Its 99 feet span reaches across Clear Creek. It was restored in 1996 on its original location. The bridge is part of the Fairfield County Historical Parks and features picnic facilities.

Directions: SE Clearport just off Clear Creek Road, south east of the village of Clearport over Clear Creek, Madison Twp, section 10 [off Rt 159 .3 mile south old Rt 22, east edge Amanda then east .5 mile

Photo Credit: Use with permission of the Fairfield County Historical Parks Commission

Jon Raab

Jon Raab Covered Bridge

Jon Raab Covered Bridge (Private)Jon Raab Covered Bridge

The bridge was built in 1891 and is 44 feet long. It is located on Ireland Road off U.S.22 on Private Property.

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart

Mae Hummel

Mae Hummel Covered Bridge, Sugar Grove, OH

Mae Hummel Covered Bridge, Sugar Grove, OhioMae Hummel Covered Bridge, Sugar Grove, OH

Now at a new Historical Parks Property, 4065 Sullivan Rd SE, Sugar Grove, OH 43155.

Built in 1875 by the Smith Bridge Company. It was originally a 106 feet Truss style construction with arches. The bridge was dismantled and moved to its current location on the Bill Pierson Farm, 4665 Sullivan Rd, SE Berne Tp near the Hocking County Border in the Hocking Hills. Many of the boards have rotted and only 35 feet of the bridge was able to be reconstructed.

Directions: SE Sugar Grove on Historic Parks Property, Berne Twp, section 11 [.4 mile east Rt 33 to Sugar Grove then south 1.6 miles on Buckeye Rd. (TR400) & east .5 mile on Sullivan Rd (TR298 dead-end).]

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart


McCleery Covered Bridge, Lancaster, OH

McCleery Covered Bridge, Lancaster, OhioMcCleery Covered Bridge, Lancaster, OH 

Now across Fetters Run near Thomas Ewing Jr. High School and Lancaster High School Stadium, Arbor Vallley Dr, Lancaster, OH 43130.

The McCleery Covered Bridge is a single span multiple Kingpost truss, originally 98 feet long, but dry rot has decreased the size to 50 feet. It was built circa 1864 by Jacob Brandt, a prolific covered bridge builder. Originally the bridge connected Leonard Road on either side of Walnut Creet just south of Baltimore. It has been incorporated into the Lancaster Ohio bike trail.

Photo Credit: David Scheffler

Mink Hollow

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge

Mink Hollow Covered Bridge, Lancaster, OhioMink Hollow Covered Bridge, Hocking Twp., Lancaster, OH

In Old Mill Hollow, 2340 Meister Rd Sw, Lancaster, OH 43130 over Arney Run, Hocking Twp, Section 34.

The Mink Hollow Covered Bridge was built in 1887 of multiple Kingpost style. This bridge crosses over Arney Run in Old Mill Hollow near the intersection of Crook and Meister Roads near Hopewell Church Road. Sitting at its original location, the bridge was restored during 1996 and is illuminated for night viewing. It is 51 feet long.

R. F. Baker

R.F. Baker Covered Bridge

R.F. Baker Covered Bridge near Fairfield Union High School.R.F. Baker Covered Bridge, near Fairfield Union High School, Lancaster, OH

Originally at Little Rush Creek at Winegardner Mill. Now at Fairfield Union High School, 6675 Cincinatti-Zanesville Rd. NE, Lancaster, OH 43130.

The R.F. Baker Covered Bridge is 66 feet long and was built in 1871 by James Arnold to span Little Rush Creek. It stood just above where the Winegardner Mill once stood and has been reconstructed at its current location behind Fairfield Union High School.

Directions: W. Rushville Fairfield Union Local School District, U.S. 22 near Ireland Rd, Richland Twp, section 31

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart

Rock Mill

Rock Mill Covered Bridge

Rock Mill Covered BridgeRock Mill Covered Bridge and Mill, Lancaster, OH

Over Hocking River next to Rock Mill (original location). 1429 Rock Mill Place, Lancaster, OH 43130.

The Rock Mill Covered Bridge was originally built in 1849 in Queenpost style. A second bridge was built in 1880 and the current span in 1901. It crosses the upper falls 30 feet above the Hocking River's origin and is the smallest covered bridge in Fairfield County being only 33 feet in length. Through the years, the bridge was damaged by truck traffic. Today the bridge has been converted into a park area by the Fairfield County Historical Parks Commission. It is next to the Rock Mill.

Rock Mill (the mill) is Open May-October Saturday-Sunday 1:00-3:00pm. The property and the covered bridge can be seen sunrise to sunset throughout the year.

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart


Shade Covered Bridge

Shade Covered Bridge, Sugar Grove, OhioShade Covered Bridge, Fairfield County Historic Parks, Sugar Grove, OH

4065 Sullivan Rd SE, Sugar Grove, OH Berne Twp. section 11

Shade Covered Bridge is a burr truss span of 122 feet, originally built by James Buchanan in 1871 over Walnut Creek. It was reconstructed at Bill Pierson's Farm at 4665 Sullivan Rd SE, Berne Twp in Sugar Grove, OH where the public may visit it free of charge. The Mae Hummel Bridge is on the same farm.

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart


Shreyer Covered Bridge

Shreyer Covered Bridge near Baltimore, OhioShreyer Covered Bridge, Liberty Twp, Fairfield County, OH

Now at Basil-Western Rd NW(Co. Rd 13) W. of Baltimore off 256 in Liberty Twp. on Private Property

The Shreyer Covered Bridge was built of multiple Kingpost truss construction in 1891; length of 65 feet; was reconstructed in 1987 on the Shreyer Egg Farm. The farm is located on Basil-Western Rd (Co. Rd 13) west of Baltimore off 256.

Directions: W. Baltimore on Bill Shreyer Farm, Liberty Twp section 20 [off OH256 1 mile west of Rt 158 then SW 3.3 miles on Basil-Western Rd (CR13) on N. side of street.]

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart


Zeller-Smith Covered Bridge

Zeller-Smith Covered Bridge, Pickerington, OhioZeller-Smith Covered Bridge

Now at Sycamore Park, 100 Lockville Rd, Pickeington, OH 43137.

The Zeller-Smith Covered Bridge was reconstructed in Sycamore Creek Park, Pickerington, OH. Built in 1906, it is of Queenpost style and has a span of 73 feet.

Directions: SE edge of Pickerington over Sycamore Creek in Sycamore Park, Violet Twp, section 10 [off Rt 256 east .3 mile east Rt 256 then north, then south .5 mile on Pickerington Rd. (CR20) to park on east side.]

Photo Credit: Tom Swinehart